Kendra Stringer did a DNA activation on me a few weeks ago and all I can say it was an amazing experience.
She knew things about my human form that no one else in the world knows other than me. 
Kendra also saw parts of my vision since starting the activation which was never disclosed to anyone.
It has since been a healing, working process since I'm leveling up.
It's since have made me release things from my past that has zero purpose in my life at this stage. 
If you're interested in activating your DNA and opening your gifts more, I highly recommend Kendra.  You wont be disappointed.

- Kym H.

OMG I just had the most incredible experience with Kendra Stringer with the abundance upgrade light healing... and I was in the middle of my work day too! When she first started I was seeing a spinning white light above my head that grew in length and by the time she got down to my feet I had a beating heart feeling and a warmth throughout my body along with this most joyous feeling and tears running down my face. There were these silver sparkles (usually I see stars everywhere) all over the place and then she advised how to reactivate it and before she even said imagine the rose gold glittering light it was all around me. Now the best part ... My eyes were open the whole time and I was crying albeit they were happy tears. It was the most euphoric (for lack of a better word) experience I have ever had. Thank you Thank you Thank you. This alone was worth the exchange rate I saw on my credit card LOL !!💞💫🤣I cannot wait for the replay to see what happens with my eyes closed ! I think I got a major upgrade like a forever one. 

- Bobbi S.