Ultimate Well Being


Well Being

Your physical body is your home while you are here on Earth.  Honor your body by finding an exercise and nutritional program that works well for you.  I can help you create a healthy lifestyle program that progresses and changes as you do.


Well Being

The way you connect to Source (aka God or the Universe) is unique and sacred, and can be strengthened through DNA Activation and Restructuring, allowing your spiritual gifts to open and flourish.

My Approach

As a Health Coach and DNA Restructurista, I bring a unique balance to the table, with the belief that health isn't just physical, but also mental, spiritual, and emotional.


I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction, and follow the path of Love, Light and FUN!

My programs and services are intuitively guided and personalized, based on your individual needs and desired outcomes.

About me

First and foremost, I'm a mom and a wife.  We have three kiddos and enjoy living the good life in sunny San Diego.  My husband Jeff runs a boutique winery called Belle Marie, so one of our favorite pastimes is food and wine pairing.


We also really love to travel - tropical destinations are our favorite!


I truly love what I get to do as a Health and Wellness Coach as well as a certified Sacred DNA Restructure Method Practitioner.  It is my  mission to help others find their passion, learn to shine their light and boldly live their truth.

Kendra did a DNA Activation on me last week and all I can say is that it was an amazing experience...

Kym H.